Savute Marsh Pride Hunting Elephant

Savute Marsh Pride Hunting Elephant

Savute has once again lived up to its reputation as one of Botswana’s top game viewing destinations with a sighting of a lifetime. Chris Swindal, who spent several nights with us at Savute Safari Lodge, shared his fascinating experience that unfolded during his stay in the Savute region of the Chobe National Park. Thanks to… Read More

Lion attack a buffalo in Savute

If you have been on safari to Savute Safari Lodge you may have been fortunate to see the Savute Marsh Pride. They are a formidable pride of lion who have reigned over the Savute Marsh and surrounding areas for some time now. The are renowned for their remarkable ability to hunt large prey such as buffalo as well… Read More

This is a guest post by Maria Henson in the USA who recently revisited Savute Safari Lodge.You can follow her twitter at @MARIAHENSON Savute Safari Lodge has special memories for me because it was my first lodge assignment as a volunteer for Desert & Delta Safaris when I took a sabbatical from my job in 2008…. Read More

The Elephants of Savute

Elephants are one of my favourite animals to photograph, especially when they are in a large herd and interacting around a waterhole. I can sit for hours observing how they interact with one another. They are gracious creatures and their family structures are complex, often beyond our understanding. The Savute Safari Lodge deck is one… Read More