Meet Letlhogile Lets Ngoma - Camp Moremi

Meet Letlhogile Lets Ngoma

What is a guide? Is he (or she) the person who simply drives you around in an open vehicle in search of the animals promised to you by your agent or travel brochure? Yes sure, but they are so much more than that.

A guide is the person who welcomes you into a foreign land with open arms and takes you on a journey to uncover its many mysteries. They are the ones who share their intricate knowledge of the fauna and flora with you in a way that helps you better understand how everything fits together. A guide is a person who brings your entire experience together and is most often the person who you’ll form the strongest bond with at the end of your vacation.

Each guide has a unique way of guiding based on a combination of their past experiences, knowledge and personalities. Some are a walking encyclopaedia fascinated by animal behaviour while others have a more informal approach, using their warm personality and sharp sense of humour. Most, however, are avid teachers eager to share their knowledge with whoever shows an interest in the world they are so passionate about.

At Desert & Delta Safaris we have eight safari lodges with a team of guides at each property eager to guide you through the region they have built a personal connection with.

In celebration of the individuals within our guiding team, we are featuring a different guide each month offering you the chance to get to know them before you travel or to remember and learn more about your favourite guide from a past safari.

This month we’d like to introduce you to Lets from Camp Moremi.

How long have you been guiding with Desert & Delta Safaris: 

Lets from Camp Moremi in Botswana

Lets cooling off the old fashioned way out in the Okavango Delta

This year will be my 11th year with Desert & Delta Safaris. I started my career with the company at Xugana Island Lodge in the Okavango Delta where I worked for four and half years. I then transferred from the water-rich region of the Okavango Delta down to the dryer Makgadikgadi Pans National Park to guide at Leroo La Tau Lodge. Leroo La Tau was my home for just over a year after which I moved to Camp Moremi where I am currently based.

I was initially attracted to Desert and Delta Safaris by its people and the training program the company offers the guides. The company not only offered me a job but also gave me the chance to develop my skills as a guide. Guiding is a career in which you never stop learning. By constantly developing my skills as a guide I am able to grow my passion for the African wilderness  and ultimately offer my guests a better safari. For many, an African safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as a guide, it is a privilege to be given the responsibility of making their experience one they will cherish forever.

Tell us about where you from and how you got into guiding: 

Lets from Camp Moremi in the Moremi Game Reserve

Elephant sighting in the Moremi Game Reserve, Lets current home at Desert & Delta Safaris

I was actually born in the Okavango Delta at a place called the Jao Flats, where I lived with my grandfather near our families  cattle post. While living there my grandfather taught me a lot about the animals and plants of the Okavango Delta which we saw on a daily basis. As a young boy of only five years old I was already using mokoro’s to navigate the delta’s channels. This is where it all began for me.

A Budding Photographer

Since starting his career Lets has taken a keen interest in wildlife photography. For many eager guides, this is a natural progression but Lets seems to have a keen eye for exceptional photographs. Here is a collection of some of his most recent photos.

Lion sighting in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana

Keeping a close eye on a giraffe in the distance

Botswana landscapes in the Moremi Game Reserve

Picture perfect landscapes at Paradise Pools in the Moremi Game Reserve

Leopard in the Moremi Game Lodge in Botswana with Lets

Beautiful leopard sighting in the Moremi Game Reserve

Hyena kill in the Moremi Game Reserve with Camp Moremi

Hyena on a buffalo kill

Wild dog sighting with Lets from Camp Moremi

A pack of wild dog resting out on an open plain

Thanks to Lets for taking the time to share with us. If you are heading to Camp Moremi in the near future perhaps you will have Lets at the helm of your journey through one of Botswana’s most popular game reserves. For further reading visit the Moremi Game Reserve and Camp Moremi pages on our website.

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