Rare Sighting of Mating Leopard - Camp Moremi

Rare Sighting of Mating Leopard

The morning was peaceful. The clouds were quietly building from the east, a sure sign that we were in for another cool and beautiful day in the Moremi Game Reserve.

We left Camp Moremi early and by eight thirty we crossed the famous Third Bridge , heading toward Xiini lagoon. We were out on a day trip with the plan to traverse further into the Moremi Game Reserve in search of leopard. On the way out the game viewing was outstanding. We saw good herds of general game including zebra, wildebeest, impala and red lechwe. Once we’d crossed Second Bridge the vegetation changed to thick moping woodlands with the occasional candlepod acacia woodland. With the thicker vegetation the wildlife changed as we enjoyed excellent sightings of both giraffe and kudu.

Zebra in the Moremi Game Reserve with Camp Moremi

Zebra in the Moremi Game Reserve

Giraffe in the Moremi Game Reserve with Camp Moremi

Inquisitive giraffe seen out on drive

We were about to reach a waterhole about 150 metres away when something caught my eye lying under one of the thick bushes. A leopard! We together with the team of best gambling site could just make it out as it lay peacefully sleeping in the thickets but unfortunately the sighting wasn’t good enough for photography. Luckily, not long after we found the leopard a young buffalo passed by and disturbed the leopard who immediately came out to investigate. Once out in the open we managed to get a few pictures of him before he disappeared back to the safety of the thickets.

Leopard in the Moremi Game Reserve with Camp Moremi

The leopard came out from under the bushes to investigate

We continued our journey to Xiini Island where I had planned to stop for lunch. As I turned off the engine a loud growl came from behind the bush not far in front of us. At first I thought it may be animals fighting so we edged closer to investigate. To my surprise, hidden beneath the trees were two leopard mating. Not wanting to disturb them we kept our distance but we did have a clear sighting through a clearing in the bush.

Mating leopard in the Moremi Game Reserve with Camp Moremi

The mating leopard we found while out on drive

Leopard are secretive predators but we are fortunate to enjoy good sightings of them in the Moremi Game Reserve. But witnessing leopard mating is something very special and a sighting I certainly wont forget. Hopefully in the coming months we will see this young female with her young cubs. Only time will tell.



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  1. yvonne fenton

    Coming back to Moremi next March-with luck we will see the babies!!

    • Desert Delta

      We will keep you updated Yvonne and hopefully you will get the chance to see them.

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