The New Camp Okavango Rebuild Underway - Camp Okavango

The New Camp Okavango Rebuild Underway

Camp Okavango, located on the remote Nxaraga Island, in the heart of the permanent Okavango Delta, has a rich history, not only within the Botswana Tourism Industry as a whole, but more so in the establishment and traditions of what Desert and Delta Safaris as a company, is today. Camp Okavango has hosted and been the base for Okavango Delta travellers for 35 years.

The fireplace at the original Camp Okavango

The fireplace at the original Camp Okavango

As part of our objective to continually adapt and improve our safari offering we decided it is time to rebuild Camp Okavango. Having been in operation for 35 years, we felt the camp required significant improvements to ensure it continues offering authentic delta safaris for our guests and to bring it in line with our responsible tourism objectives. Construction of the the new Camp Okavango began in November last year (2015) and will be welcoming its first guests in early April 2016. The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s last true remaining natural heritage sites and the new Camp Okavango will allow visitors the opportunity to truly immerse themselves into this environment

With the old lodge having been completely removed and the area under rehabilitation, the new Camp Okavango is been moved closer to the edge of the Nxaraga Island to take full advantage of the impressive views across the delta. The entire lodge is being built on raised wooden platforms allowing guests to enjoy the expansive views of the Okavango Delta from the public areas and luxury guest rooms, all interlinked by a raised walkway.

 Nxaraga Island in the Okavango Delta

Aerial view of Nxaraga Island and the Camp Okavango site

Room structures will encompass a blend of timber and canvas, ensuring that the best use of ventilation and light can be achieved. The larger guest rooms will encompass a foyer and lounge, large bedroom area and en suite bathroom containing double vanity, double shower and separate toilet. Expansive decks lead out from both the lounge and bedroom area through large stacking doors.

The public areas will be uniquely built to ensure that expansive views of the Okavango Delta can be utilised. The main area, which will include a lounge and bar area, separate dining area, library and computer room, curio shop and various areas for guests to relax. Expansive decks, with a fireplace and stargazing decks will lead off from this towards the jetty where most activities depart and arrive from.

Recognising the UNESCO World Heritage Site status of the Okavango Delta, We are committed to ensuring the new Camp Okavango not only offers a unique experience for those wanting to visit this incredible water wilderness, but the new camp is built in a manner in which the impact on this fragile environment is kept to a minimum.

Camp Okavango’s power demands will now be provided for by a renewable solar energy source. An off the grid solar plant installation will provide quiet, environmentally friendly electricity. We have reduced the power demands through the installation of energy efficient appliances and equipment (thermodynamic geysers and solar panels for hot water, LED lighting) by 25%. A sophisticated state of the art water recycling plant will recycle 100% of water waste for irrigation needs for the grounds and the natural grass covered airfield on the island. All timber and furniture used in the construction is from renewable commercially grown timber plantations.

To date, we have completed several of the luxury guest rooms with construction of the lodges main areas well underway. We will continue to update you on the construction process but in the meantime, we hope these images have given you a taste of what will be the new Camp Okavango.

Camp Okavango in the Okavango Delta

Looking into the new guest rooms

The new Camp Okavango in the Okavango Delta

Inside the new guest rooms at Camp Okavango

Camp Okavango in Botswana's Okavango Dellta

The new Camp Okavango guest room under a clear nights sky

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  1. yvonne fenton

    Will be there next March -can not wait-looks amazing.

    • Desert Delta

      Looking forward to welcoming you to Camp Okavango Yvonne.

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