Fish Eagle on the Xakanaxa Lagoon - Camp Xakanaxa

Fish Eagle on the Xakanaxa Lagoon

What I love about Camp Xakanaxa is its unique location close the the Xakanaxa Lagoon which allows us to daily game drives as well as river cruises across the lagoon and through some of the Okavango Delta’s many channels. This offers our guests the chance to enjoy the exceptional game viewing of the Moremi Game Reserve but also get a taste of the beauty of the Okavango Delta by boat.

Exploring the Okavango Delta by boat with Camp Xakanaxa from Desert & Delta Safaris

Exploring the Okavango Delta by boat

On a recent morning game drive my guests and I enjoyed exceptional sightings of both lion and leopard as well as excellent general game, making it a very successful morning out on the vehicle.

With such a successful morning I decided to offer my guests an afternoon river cruise for a chance to experience the delta as it was their last afternoon with us. A boat cruise along the xakanaxa lagoon is an incredible experience offering guests the chance to relax and take in the beauty of the Moremi and Okavango Delta landscapes. It is also a good opportunity to search for birds and the smaller creatures that inhabit the delta system.

While the afternoon river cruises are often more relaxed there are still plenty of opportunities for photography. Shortly after we crossed the Xakanaxa lagoon we came across a fish eagle standing on a small clump of reeds in the middle of the channel. We approached slowly with our cameras at the ready for when it took off. With a full stretch of its wings the fish eagle took off from its resting point and flew across the front of the boat allowing us to capture several photos as it flew off to a nearby tree.

Fish Eagle with Banda at Camp Xakanaxa

We found the fish eagle resting in the middle of the channel

Fish eagle take off in the Okavango Delta from Camp Xakanaxa

As we drifted closer the fish eagle took off

Fish eagle in flight in the Okavango Delta from Camp Xakanaxa

In full flight flying across the front of our boat

A river cruise from Camp Xakanaxa is an excellent way to end a safari in the Moremi Game Reserve and one never knows what you may find while out exploring the many channels of the Okavango Delta.

For more information on Camp Xakanaxa and the activities on offer please visit the Camp Camp Xakanaxa page.



Professional Guide at Camp Xakanaxa
Banda started his guiding career in 2006 after completing the Desert & Delta Safaris guiding program. Since then he has guided at Camp Okavango, Camp Moremi and is currently guiding at Camp Xakanaxa. Banda's passion for photography started as a young guide while paging through photo books by professional photographers like Richard du Toit. When Banda won a DSLR camera in the Desert & Delta Safaris guide acknowledgement awards he began taking his photography more seriously and continues to develop his skills as an amateur wildlife photographer.

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