November 9, 2018

Mega Elephant Herd Crossing The Chobe River

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The Chobe National Park is world renowned for having the highest concentrations of elephant in Africa. In the dry season particularly, thousands of elephants can be seen gathering on the banks of the Chobe River where they have access to fresh water. It is a spectacle one simple has to experience and reason enough to include the Chobe National Park, and the Chobe Riverfront in particular, in your Botswana safari.

At the end of October, Desert & Delta Safaris together with Chobe Game Lodge hosted the annual #ThisIsChobe social media campaign. A group of travel industry professionals and influencers were welcome to the Chobe Region to experience the diversity of the Chobe National Park – and what an experience it was.

Elephant on the banks of the Chobe River with Chobe Game Lodge

Elephant herd on the banks of the Chobe River

On our first afternoon river cruise with Chobe Game Lodge, we witnessed one of the largest elephant crossings we’ve ever seen. Hundreds of elephants were seen out on the stretch between Chobe Game Lodge and the Puku Flats, on both the Botswana and Namibian sides of the river. The sightings were so immense it was difficult for our guide to decide where to go next. The group, many of them having never been to the Chobe National Park, were amazed by the sheer number of elephants.

Not long into the afternoon cruise a mega herd of elephants were spotted on the Namibian side of the river. They were moving at a brisk pace toward the river and our Chobe Game Lodge guide anticipated that they would cross into Botswana. She carefully maneuvered the electric boat into position as the herd started to gather on the water’s edge. The first of the herd to arrive on the banks were hesitant to start the swim across. But as more and more arrived, the anticipation mounted, and they were forced into the water. Once the first elephant submerged into the water, the rest followed instinctually.

Elephant in the Chobe National Park

Elephant herd enjoying a drink on the edge of the Chobe River

We sat in awe as we witnessed the massive herd make their way across the river and back into the Chobe National Park. At one point, the herd covered the entire stretch of the Chobe River with some members still climbing into the river in Namibia while the first were already on the opposite bank.

The below video and photos offer a glimpse of what it was like to witness this incredible spectacle.

Elephant crossing on the Chobe River in the Chobe National Park

The first of the heard make their way into the Chobe River

Massive elephant herd crossing the Chobe River in Botswana

Mega elephant herd crossing the Chobe River

Chobe elephants swimming across the Chobe River

Elephant swimming across the Chobe River

Elephant on the banks of the Chobe River near Chobe Game Lodge

The last of the hear leaving the Chobe River

The Chobe National Park lived up to its reputation as the best region in Africa to see and photograph African Elephants. We enjoyed four nights in the Chobe on our #ThisIsChobe campaign and enjoyed exceptional elephant sightings every day. Stay connected for more updates and highlights from #ThisIsChobe.

View our website for more information on the Chobe National Park and Chobe Game Lodge.

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November 9, 2017

Chobe Game Lodge wins Carbon Reduction Award at WTM London

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Chobe Game Lodge was once again firmly placed in the world sustainable tourism spotlight when it won the Best for Carbon Reduction Award at the 2017 Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London. The award was in recognition for Chobe Game Lodge’s fleet of electric game drive vehicles and solar powered safari boats – a first of its kind in Africa.

WTM Responsible Tourism Awards Chobe Game Lodge

WTM Responsible Tourism Awards 2017. Winner, Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana – Sue Ricketts (UK Representative), With Harold Goodwin, WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor (left) and (right) Simon Press, WTM

The Responsible Tourism Awards is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious awards in the tourism industry on a global scale. According to their report, “The Responsible Tourism Awards focus on the contributions made by tourism businesses and organisations and by destinations – we want to recognise those who are making a difference. The change makers, those leading the way to make tourism more sustainable by taking responsibility for driving down the negative impacts of tourism and increasing the positive impacts”.

Chobe Game Lodge certainly fits the Responsible Tourism Awards criteria with its strong focus in responsible tourism development and driving change in the Botswana tourism industry. This is in fact the third time Chobe Game Lodge has been recognised in the Responsible Tourism Awards having won Best for Resource Management in 2015 and Best for Responsible Employment in 2016.

Electric safari on the Chobe River with Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe River safari with Chobe Game Lodge on an electric powered boat

Here is what the judges had to say about Chobe Game Lodge and why it was chosen in the carbon reduction category; “The judges recognised the breadth of their engagement with the Responsible Tourism agenda. They were particularly impressed by their fleet of electric vehicles and their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions by progressively introducing electrically powered vehicles and boats for game viewing and adopting solar energy and biodiesel… The guests enjoy a silent less intrusive game drive and CO2 emissions are saved contributing to achieving SDG13: combatting climate change.”

Read the full Responsible Tourism Awards 2017 report on their website above 

The first electric powered vehicle and boat were introduced at Chobe Game Lodge in November 2014 as a pilot project. It was a first of its kind in Botswana but Chobe Game Lodge was determined to prove that electric vehicles could be used successfully in the safari industry as a way of minimising impact while at the same time offering a far superior experience for travellers. The project was an immediate success and since 2014 the fleet has grown steadily with new vehicles and boats being added to the fleet each year. The current Chobe Game Lodge fleet is almost all electric with plans to operate a complete fleet in the near future.

Congratulations once again to Chobe Game Lodge for another Responsible Tourism Award and to the teams ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism development.

Chobe Game Lodge forms part of Desert & Delta Safaris portfolio of unique safari lodges. For more information, visit the Chobe Game Lodge page on our website.

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September 21, 2017

Chobe Game Lodge has a new website

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Chobe Game Lodge, one of our flagship properties and the first 5 Star lodge in Botswana, has just launched a brand new website. This launch is a part of the rebrand which the lodge has undergone over the past few months which includes a new logo highlighting the elements that make the lodge unique, all new in-house marketing material and now the website – WWW.CHOBEGAMELODGE.COM!

This full-width, responsive website is aimed at being an all-inclusive and comprehensive indicator of the Chobe experience. The design and layout of the website takes you through the journey of your Chobe safari, which starts the moment you land on the websites home page.

The landing page’s backdrop is a looping video offering insight into what can be expected of a Chobe safari with Chobe Game Lodge including the amazing wildlife, the luxurious accommodation and the exceptional Chobe River experiences. Below the video, visitors dive deeper into the details of the lodge, the activities on offer and the Chobe National Park.

New Chobe Game Lodge Website

The site has pages for everything that a visitor will need to know when researching or planning a safari to the Chobe National Park. This includes pages for the different types of accommodation; the activities on offer; details on our responsible tourism initiatives including the electric flee; information on our family safaris and even a blog page for recent news and sightings. One of the most popular pages on the old website and already on the new one, is the special feature designed for those who are missing Chobe and just need a break from their day – the live Webcam, which is located at the end of the Chobe Deck of Fame looking out over the Eastern floodplain from the lodge.

The lodge has been a hub of excitement recently with work being done to convert more of our boats to electric power, an extension to the famous Chobe Deck of Fame having been completed, the upgrade and redesign to all the guest rooms and now the brand new website! The lodge was also featured in a women’s month article in the New York Times Travel section (THE WONDER WOMEN OF BOTSWANA SAFARI) on our all-female guiding team. There is no better time to visit Chobe Game Lodge than now!

This new website is a must see and definitely the best way to decide on and plan a Chobe safari. You can visit it at WWW.CHOBEGAMELODGE.COM. You can also view the CHOBE GAME LODGE PROFILE PAGE on our website.

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All Female Guide Team Feature In New York Times

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In celebration of last month’s Women’s Month (August), we are extremely proud and excited to announce that the Chobe Game Lodge all-female guiding team were featured in a Sunday edition of the New York Times in a wonderful travel piece titled –  Yes, It’s Her Safari written by Hillary Richard. The article was printed in the 27 August edition of the New York Times on the front page of the travel section. For those who missed it, there is an online version of the article available on their website. The online article is titled The Wonder Women of Botswana Safari.

Hillary visited Chobe Game Lodge to experience first-hand what it’s like to be guided by our team of female guides who have made their mark in the industry and call the Chobe National Park their home.


This unassuming little piece of the country holds a special place in Botswana’s history: Chobe Game Lodge, located in Botswana’s first national park, has the first and only all-female guiding team in Africa. The lodge is one of the most progressive safari destinations in Africa, thanks in part to the success of its female guide team with guests.


Chobe Game Lodge began its female guide recruitment policy back in 2005 when it employed it’s first two female guides. Today, the entire guiding team consists of women – all professionally trained, passionate and ready to show you the wonders of the Chobe National Park.

While on safari with us, Hillary immersed herself in her safari discovering exactly what it is about the Chobe National Park that makes it one of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations. From early morning game drives to late afternoon river safaris on the Chobe River, she did it all, enjoying some exceptional sightings along the way.

But it wasn’t only about the guides and wildlife encounters that caught Hillary’s attention, she also took the time to learn more about Chobe Game Lodge, the lodges unique history and its strong focus on responsible tourism.

Electric River Safari with Chobe Game Lodge in the Chobe National Park

Chobe River safari in an electric boat with Chobe Game Lodge


Botswana’s tourism industry is heavily focused on conservation, a concept echoed in environmental initiatives at the lodge, like its recycling plant that handles 95 percent of the lodge’s waste, a closed circuit water treatment plant and an on-site biogas plant (the building itself is made from recycled glass bottles). In addition to the electric boats (similar to wide, flat pontoon boats), the property has one electric Land Cruiser and three electric Land Rovers, with plans to convert the remaining seven Land Cruisers later on.


Thank you to Hillary for visiting Chobe Game Lodge. Follow the below links for more information on Chobe Game Lodge and the Chobe National Park.


Read More: Chobe Game Lodge

Read More: The Chobe National Park


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March 8, 2016

Chobe Game Lodges All Female Guiding Team

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In 2005, Chobe Game Lodge had only two professional female guides out of the 12 man team and it was then that management decided it was a great opportunity to create an all female guiding team to do something about the lack of women in the largely male dominated guiding fraternity of Botswana. The beautiful Chobe Game Lodge is one of the flagship properties in Botswana and was built in the early 1970s, when tourism in the country was just in its infancy.

It is fair to say that there should be more women in senior positions in the Botswana Tourism industry and Chobe Game Lodge wanted to set an example for the industry and achieve what everyone, including most of the staff at the lodge, thought impossible. A full team of 16 female guides!

The challenge was finding and recruiting guides. In 2005 there were less than 10 female guides in Botswana which made it difficult to find guides who would maintain the high guiding standards expected at Chobe Game Lodge. The Chobe Game lodge Management team then sat down and worked out a strategy which was two-fold. Recruit some of the top female guides in the country and work with the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute asking them to refer all female trainee guides to Chobe Game Lodge for field training.

Lebo female guide at Chobe Game Lodge

Lebo enjoying the launch of our new electric game viewer

The result was unequivocally successful. Not only did we manage to recruit young energetic female guides from the region, but freshly trained guides were receiving all their practical training at Chobe Game Lodge, allowing them to soak up all the much needed local knowledge. Under the guidance of the in-house Environmentalist, this acquired field knowledge combined with the theory they received in the classrooms of the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute, is the foundation to a successful guiding career for the female guides.

Today the 16 strong lady guide team, aptly named the ‘Chobe Angels’ run the show under the wise watchful eye of our in house Environmentalist, with constant training being the priority.

70% of our guides were trained at Chobe Game Lodge and twice a year they conduct an intensive refresher course in conjunction with leaders in the field of guide training. Thereby introducing new theory and keeping passion at the forefront.

Vivian from Chobe Game Lodge

Vivian is one of our expert guides at Chobe Game Lodge

The female guiding team have proven their metal by taking part in the Chobe Explorations inter camp Luxury Mobile Safaris in 2011, starting at Chobe Game Lodge and heading through the country and into the Okavango Delta staying at each of the Desert & Delta Safaris lodges. A wonderful experience, superbly driven and guided by the ladies! In 2013 the Chobe Game lodge ladies guided the Chobe Exploration mobile safaris exclusively.

This has set a precedent for the industry out there to break the mould and provide equal opportunity. Through Chobe Game Lodge’s concerted effort and the on-going support of the Botswana Tourism Organisation and the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute, there has been a significant increase of female guides within the country. There are now at least three times the amount of ladies in guiding positions than in 2005 and that number increases year on year.

Equal opportunity for women is just one of the many initiatives Chobe Game Lodge has implemented as part of our Responsible Tourism strategy. Already fully Ecotourism certified by Botswana Tourism Organisation.

This article originally appeared on the Chobe Game Lodge website. You can also read more about Chobe Game Lodge on our website. 

All female guiding team at Chobe Game Lodge

Out on the new electric boats on the Chobe River

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