September 14, 2018

Supporting The Khumaga Primary School

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With the Khumaga Village located in close proximity to Leroo La Tau, Desert & Delta Safaris has a long standing relationship with the Khumaga Primary School. As a Botswana based safari operator, we firmly believe in the development of human potential and uplifting Botswana citizens by creating career opportunities within the tourism sector.

Our Commitment to the Khumaga Primary School.

With our close relationship with the Khumaga Primary School, Desert & Delta Safaris has a unique opportunity to expose the youth of the Khumaga village to the tourism sector while also supporting the school through various initiatives.

Financial assistance is provided to the school including the cost to create unique trophies for students who achieve a pass mark of over 75% or more, the provision for revision books, as well as support towards the building of a traditional hut on the school grounds.

Each year, Leroo La Tau hosts a career fare for the children of the Khumaga Primary School. The fare is aimed at highlighting the various job opportunities available within the tourism industry to the children, allowing them to engage with our staff as well as important industry players. It is an important part of the annual school calendar as it shines a light on the opportunities available for a future career in tourism.

As the school is located in a remote region of Botswana and basic school supplies are limited, Desert & Delta Safaris with the support of our travellers, provides basic school goods for the school, including stationary, office equipment, etc. If you are planning a safari to Botswana with Desert & Delta Safaris and would like to support the school, we encourage you to bring basic stationary and office supplies which we will gladly pass on to them. Guided village visits are also available from Leroo La Tau for your chance to experience life in the Khumaga Village.

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November 7, 2017

Day out to the Khumaga Village with Matshwane Primary School

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Every year, the standard four learners at Matshwane Primary School in Maun, are taken on a Botswana excursion on an adventure to experience our beautiful Botswana. This year, we were thrilled to facilitate and host their annual trip at Leroo La Tau in order for the class to partake in a cultural exchange with the Khumaga Primary School, located in the Khumaga village near Leroo La Tau.

We work closely with the Khumaga village, where many of our Leroo La Tau staff come from. With education being a core focus of the Desert &Delta Safaris philosophy, Desert & Delta Safaris is actively involved with the primary school located in this beautiful little village. Guests staying at the lodge are all offered village visits which often includes a visit to the school to meet the students and the principle, Mrs Melidah Maseelane.

Matshwane Primary School and Khumaga Primary School Children in Khumaga Village with Leroo La Tau

Group photo with Matshwane Primary School and Khumaga Primary School learners.

For the standard four learners of Matshwane Primary School this visit was a chance to gain insight and an understanding into the lives of the standard four students from Khumaga Primary. The day started off with a classroom session in which both sets of students sang songs to each other, partook in a spelling contest and learnt a little bit more about each other other. After the class, the students all went outside to mingle and play together, where they made new friends and lifelong memories. The teacher’s experssions said it all at the end of the cultural exchange with smiles as wide as the Boteti River at the love being shared between their students.

Cultural day out at the Khumaga Village with Leroo La Tau

Farewells after a fun filled day at the Khumaga Village Primary School

After some heartfelt farewells, the Matshwane students departed for Leroo La Tau, where we hosted them for the night. Here the fun continued with the swimming pool being the location of many water fights and games. An afternoon boat cruise offered the children the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the region – a first time safari for many of the children. On the sightings list was some exciting species such as hippo, elephant, kudu and lion! With the sun setting, the day ended with a bush dinner where African folk stories where shared around the camp fire, the perfect end to an eventful school outing.

Boating on the Boteti River in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park with Leroo La Tau

Unforgettable hippo sighting on the Boteti River from the boat

Affording the children of Matshwane Primary and Khumaga Primary the opportunity to share a day together was a pleasure and a joy to be a part of. Thank you to everyone involved who made this day so special.

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October 18, 2017

Zebra Mayhem in the Makgadikgadi

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This year, the annual zebra migration, the second largest migration of zebra in Africa, has been disrupted by a few spots of rain in late September and early October.

The annual zebra migration in this dry region of Botswana takes place when the rains disappear and the water sources in the salt pans and surrounding regions dry up, forcing the zebra to go out in search of water. This search takes them to the banks of the great Boteti River on the western boundary of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, where they find a haven in the supply of fresh water. Even when this famed river is dry, there are several permanent water holes along its banks for the zebra to quench their thirst.

Zebra in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Quenching thirsts on the banks of the Boteti River

The zebras spend their days drinking from the river banks and then head back into the shrubbery in-land to feed and back to the river once again. This continues throughout the dry season and as the months go by, the walk from the river back to the food sources gets further and further. The animals thus spend more time travelling in between the two and grow increasingly weak, making for easy pickings for the lurking predators that set up shop under large trees near the regular paths of these desperate animals. This migration continues until the first rains of the season, at which point the zebra herds disperse between the vast desert region and the Boteti River to enjoy the lush vegetation and readily available water.

Botswana's zebra migration

The herd making their way down to the waters edge


Zebra on the banks of the Boteti River in Botswana's Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Enjoying the cool deep water of the Boteti River

However, much to the dismay of the zebra, this is not always the case, as happened this year when the first ‘rains’ of the season were nothing more than a few short showers that wet the soil underneath their feet. Following their natural instincts, the zebras headed off and left the Boteti River behind only to find that the rains had brought no new life and had stopped subsequently. With no food and no constant water, the zebras were forced to turn tail and head for the trusted source of Boteti River valley once again. Many would not make the trip back as they had exhausted themselves on their quest away from the river. For the zebras that did make it back, the sweet feeling of quenching their thirst was a lifesaving and glorious moment. On hand to witness this phenomenon was our Director and avid wildlife enthusiast, Walter Smith, who told this story of Mayhem in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.

For more informational on the region and the lodge visit Leroo La Tau and the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park on our website.

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