Mega Elephant Herd Crossing The Chobe River - Chobe Game Lodge

Mega Elephant Herd Crossing The Chobe River

The Chobe National Park is world renowned for having the highest concentrations of elephant in Africa. In the dry season particularly, thousands of elephants can be seen gathering on the banks of the Chobe River where they have access to fresh water. It is a spectacle one simple has to experience and reason enough to include the Chobe National Park, and the Chobe Riverfront in particular, in your Botswana safari.

At the end of October, Desert & Delta Safaris together with Chobe Game Lodge hosted the annual #ThisIsChobe social media campaign. A group of travel industry professionals and influencers were welcome to the Chobe Region to experience the diversity of the Chobe National Park – and what an experience it was.

Elephant on the banks of the Chobe River with Chobe Game Lodge

Elephant herd on the banks of the Chobe River

On our first afternoon river cruise with Chobe Game Lodge, we witnessed one of the largest elephant crossings we’ve ever seen. Hundreds of elephants were seen out on the stretch between Chobe Game Lodge and the Puku Flats, on both the Botswana and Namibian sides of the river. The sightings were so immense it was difficult for our guide to decide where to go next. The group, many of them having never been to the Chobe National Park, were amazed by the sheer number of elephants.

Not long into the afternoon cruise a mega herd of elephants were spotted on the Namibian side of the river. They were moving at a brisk pace toward the river and our Chobe Game Lodge guide anticipated that they would cross into Botswana. She carefully maneuvered the electric boat into position as the herd started to gather on the water’s edge. The first of the herd to arrive on the banks were hesitant to start the swim across. But as more and more arrived, the anticipation mounted, and they were forced into the water. Once the first elephant submerged into the water, the rest followed instinctually.

Elephant in the Chobe National Park

Elephant herd enjoying a drink on the edge of the Chobe River

We sat in awe as we witnessed the massive herd make their way across the river and back into the Chobe National Park. At one point, the herd covered the entire stretch of the Chobe River with some members still climbing into the river in Namibia while the first were already on the opposite bank.

The below video and photos offer a glimpse of what it was like to witness this incredible spectacle.

Elephant crossing on the Chobe River in the Chobe National Park

The first of the heard make their way into the Chobe River

Massive elephant herd crossing the Chobe River in Botswana

Mega elephant herd crossing the Chobe River

Chobe elephants swimming across the Chobe River

Elephant swimming across the Chobe River

Elephant on the banks of the Chobe River near Chobe Game Lodge

The last of the hear leaving the Chobe River

The Chobe National Park lived up to its reputation as the best region in Africa to see and photograph African Elephants. We enjoyed four nights in the Chobe on our #ThisIsChobe campaign and enjoyed exceptional elephant sightings every day. Stay connected for more updates and highlights from #ThisIsChobe.

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