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Our Botswana Family Safari

This is a guest post by Andrea Hugo from the USA. Andrea recently returned to Camp Okavango and Savute Safari Lodge as part of her Botswana family safari.


After a long flight from the United States and a quick overnight in Johannesburg it was wonderful to arrive at Camp Okavango and be met by a cheerful group of Desert and Delta staff at the airstrip. After our camp briefing the managers led us along the raised wooden walkway to our room. Even with our twelve year old daughter sharing our room we were comfortable as there was ample space and everything we needed to enjoy our stay.

Botswana family safari at Camp Okavango

Highlights from our time at Camp Okavango

It wasn’t long before we were out on the water enjoying a mokoro ride in the Delta!  What a wonderful transition it is to go from the hustle and bustle of city life to the peace and tranquility of the beautiful Okavango Delta.

Emma, our daughter, was a little nervous about walking as she had only had the opportunity to walk in the wild twice before.  The next morning our guide Aaron immediately put her at ease and after a safety briefing we were out walking on one of the islands nearby. Our walk was extremely productive as we saw hyenas chasing lions off a kill, a warthog mother chasing a hyena and then had a very close encounter with a lioness near a termite mound!  All this time Aaron was very protective of Emma and made all of us feel very comfortable out in the true wilderness.  On the way back from the walk Emma even helped Aaron drive the boat!

Guided bush walk with Camp Okavango

We saw lion while on our morning walk with Camp Okavango

The next stop was Savute Safari Lodge where we were delighted to see Metal (our guide) once again. Metal immediately had Emma sitting in the front with him chatting about all things “animal”!  The “professor” (Metal) and the “budding professor” (Emma) had a great time exchanging facts.  Emma was like a sponge absorbing everything Metal had to share with us. She also learnt from Metal that there is more to photography than just snapping away and saw how Metal carefully positioned the vehicle so that we could get the best shots!

Botswana family safari with Savute Safari Lodge

On safari at Savute Safari Lodge

The staff at Desert and Delta Safaris make family safaris so special. They have a wonderful way with children, making them feel so comfortable and treating them with so much love and kindness.  It was great to see Emma so comfortable interacting with everyone – making it her vacation the best vacation EVER!

Leopard sighting from Savute Safari Lodge

Just one of the many highlights from our Savute visit

With the inclusion of family rooms at Camp Moremi, Camp Okavango and Savute Safari Lodge, we have created the Ultimate Botswana Family Safari Package offering families the chance to experience the beauty and diversity of a Botswana safari. For more information and ideas to help you plan your Botswana family safari see our Safari Packages.


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