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The Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Philosophy – Our Environment

Today we are excited to release the third and final video on the Desert & Delta Safaris CARES philosophy. This video highlights our commitment to protecting our environment and minimising our footprint on the precious resources we manage.

If you missed the first two videos you can watch and read about them here:

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Travelling with us, you are more than just a Responsible Traveller. You are an active contributor to protecting the natural heritage of some of Africa’s last remaining wilderness areas.

Botswana is widely recognised as one of Africa’s most diverse and pristine natural environments with a large percentage of the country under national parks and protected by wildlife concessions. As custodians of this natural heritage, Desert & Delta Safaris understands the role we play in conserving and protecting the areas in which we operate.

Desert & Delta Safaris is active in our endeavours to raise awareness and further funding for the Botswana Rhino Relocation and Reintroduction program, an initiative which involves key Government departments together with the private sector, working together for the protection of the countries rhino population. Our Leroo La Tau Rhino Package is a tour that has been promoted to our traveller network for over 10-years and has consequently helped raise hundreds of thousands of Pula in facilitating the a growing population of Rhino in a remote area of Botswana.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Desert & Delta Safaris, through Chobe Game Lodge, has introduced Africa’s first fleet of electric powered CO2 emission free vehicles and safari boats to the Chobe region. Offering a quieter and superior safari experience for our travellers, the vehicles and boats have dramatically reduced our usage of fuel and significantly lowered our carbon emissions at our largest property. Our solar projects extended beyond Chobe Game Lodge when we build a solar plant at Camp Okavango ensuring the newly built lodge runs entirely on solar energy.

As members of Botswana Tourism, several of the Desert & Delta Safaris camps and lodges are EcoTourism rated, the highest status recognised by Botswana Tourism for sound sustainable tourism initiatives. This includes the usage of grey water treatment plants, careful waste management protocols as well as the use of sustainable building materials wherever possible.

The Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Philosophy

Desert & Delta Safaris is at the forefront in developing a sustainable tourism model and this film shares with you the role we, with the help our travellers, play in protecting the environment and Botswana’s natural heritage for future generations.

For a full overview of the CARES Philosophy download the Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Philosophy Fact Sheet.

Desert & Delta Safaris

Established in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris’ portfolio brings together some of Botswana’s most historic and iconic lodges: Chobe Game Lodge, Chobe Savanna Lodge, Savute Safari Lodge, Camp Moremi, Camp Xakanaxa, Camp Okavango, Xugana Island Lodge and Leroo La Tau.

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