Lion Pride Attack A Lone Buffalo - Savute Safari Lodge

Lion Pride Attack A Lone Buffalo

If you have been on safari to Savute Safari Lodge you may have been fortunate to see the Savute Marsh Pride. They are a formidable pride of lion who have reigned over the Savute Marsh and surrounding areas for some time now. The are renowned for their remarkable ability to hunt large prey such as buffalo as well as elephant from time to time. To fully appreciate the strength and nature of Savute’s lion we recommend you watch the documentary Africa’s Giant Killers by local cinematographer Brad Bestelink of Natural History Film Unit.

On a recent afternoon game drive, Obed and his guests witnessed the power and determination of the Marsh Pride as a lone bull buffalo unexpectedly stumbled onto them. Here is what Obed had to say about the sighting:

Whilst we were out enjoying our sunset drinks, we spotted a lone buffalo bull moving towards the lion we had seen earlier in the afternoon. Unaware of their presence the buffalo walked straight into the middle of the pride as they lay patiently waiting.

Once close enough the large male attacked the buffalo by climbing onto its back. In an attempt to get the male lion off its back the buffalo immediately ran into a nearby pool of water but the lion managed to hang on. With the weight of the lion on its back the buffalo was unable to run and the rest of the pride began attacking it. The buffalo desperately defended itself against the pride and put up a brave fight for over 10 minutes but the pride proved to strong and persistent for the buffalo. It eventually collapsed under the weight of the large male who remained on its back and the rest of the pride closed in on the kill

With the fading light filming and photography was difficult but Obed did manage to capture the entire event on his video camera. The clip is dark but you are able to clearly see the attack as it unfolds. Note how the lion only attack the buffalo from behind to avoid its horns while the buffalo constantly turns in circles to try fend them off. Taking down a big male buffalo like this is not an easy task but this lion pride have a lot of experience and know exactly how to go about it.


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