The Elephants of Savute - Savute Safari Lodge

The Elephants of Savute

Elephants are one of my favourite animals to photograph, especially when they are in a large herd and interacting around a waterhole. I can sit for hours observing how they interact with one another. They are gracious creatures and their family structures are complex, often beyond our understanding.

The Savute Safari Lodge deck is one of my best spots for photographing elephants. With the waterhole and Savute Channel in front of the lodge, the area is a hive of elephant activity, especially in the dry season. I can sit for hours on that deck taking pictures as they make their way down to the waters edge to drink.

I am fortunate to have been to Savute Safari Lodge several times. Below are some of my favourite elephant photos taken from the lodges deck overlooking the Savute Channel.

Bull elephant in Savute in Botswana from Savute Safari Lodge

Old bull elephant making his way down for a drink

Young elephant rushing down to the water

Young elephant rushing down to the water

Elephant in the Chobe National Park in Savute

Walking down the dry Savute channel

With the deck facing the setting sun, the opportunities to capture intense sunsets and silhouettes are endless. On one of my visits we spent the afternoon at the lodge instead of going out on a game drive to photograph the sunset from the deck. The elephants continued to come down to the waterhole as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. With the deep red sky and dust in the air from all the movement, the silhouettes were spectacular.

Elephant at sunset in Savute, Botswana

A young elephant in the late afternoon kicking up dust

Sunset from Savute Safari Lodge with the elephants

Calming walking in front of the setting sun

Elephant sunset in Savute with Savute Safari Lodge

Young boisterous elephant kicking up dust

Elephant silhouette from Savute Safari Lodge

Elephant silhouette in the late afternoon

The below image is perhaps one of my favourites. I took this with the camera on a tripod as the sun had gone below the horizon and there wasn’t much light. Standing on the deck we could hear the elephants rumbling as they hung around at the waterhole.

Elephant herd in front of Savute Safari Lodge in Botswana

Elephants at the waterhole in the late afternoon

For more information visit Savute Safari Lodge on our website. You can also follow the link to read more about the Savute region. 

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